Oy, I have not blog posted in what seems like FOREVER. In fact, the more I put it off the more apprehensive I felt about coming back to my trusty textingatredlights readers:). However, today I’m lucky enough to not have a ton of homework (and it is well deserved…I had a psych and latin test today!) and thought that it would be a perfect time to catch up with you all. 

There are a couple of things that have been on my mind lately so think of this blog post as a bunch of mini, somewhat sporadic posts. 

The first:

Listen, although I’m not Christian, I’m super down with Christmas. As a rule (and being an accepting human being) I respect and find value in all religious holidays. Also, being raised in America I am immersed in all things Santa and Rudolph. And, I also know that to the large majority of people, Christmas is a very important day for their religion. I don’t mind hearing “Frosty the Snowman” or “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” a million and one times on the radio, or being told about Christmas sales, or seeing tacky inflatable decorations or blinking lights, or being wished “Merry Christmas” when I drop a dollar in the Salvation Army bin when all I do December 25th is eat chinese and watch movies but I do mind these things happening November 10th. Listen, I give the entire world from Black Friday to January 2nd to be absolutely Christmas crazy. But c’mon. If you’re starting before Thanksgiving it’s too damn soon (and yes Wegmans, I’m looking at you with your two giant wreaths hanging on your store…)

So, I will be more than happy to discuss cookies, presents, and the Three Wise Men a week from this Friday. Before that, I recommend someone mentioning Pilgrims, indians, or turkeys when I’m around if you want to discuss holidays. 

Mini Blog  #2:

In between all the holiday mania something else was stirring…ELECTION MANIA. First, can I just say how happy I was that I was able to refrain from posting on Facebook or twitter the day of the election? I love to share my opinion but I never want someone to feel disrespected or offended by something I say (unless you’re on my blog, then it’s read at your own risk). I felt there was no good outcome in posting on election day. That being said, boy am I freaking happy about the outcome of the election. And honestly, everyone is saying how bad they feel for Mr. Romney and the whole time I’m thinking, “are you kidding me?” Sure, it’s got to suck to spend a lot of time and money on an election when you don’t win but Mr. Romney still did considerably well in the election. And now, he can go spend a lot of time with his wife and family who clearly think he is the moon and the stars. Also, in case anyone hasn’t heard, he’s fucking loaded. Mitt Romney, by all my accounts, will be okay. 

I’m really excited that Obama was elected to FOUR MORE YEARS because I love Obama and I really do see his plans as being best for my future as a student, woman, and general supporter of equal rights for all. I think that economically his plan will benefit the most people in the long term but I guess we will have to just wait and see. 

In addition, I’m loving the Democratic senate and I’m hoping that the House of Reps. will work with the Senate and the President so we can get some CHANGE going on.

One more thing: whether you’re a Republican, Democrat, Independent, or any other part I recommend trying to watch Obama’s victory speech and not cry. I was a mess (of course I also teared up at this week’s episode of How I Met Your Mother so I may not be the best judge). And it’s great

Mini Blog # 3:

Confession time: I’m a total TV fanatic but I’m not so big on movies. I don’t have the attention span to really love movies but I got to see a movie this weekend that I absolutely recommend (and not because it was basically a giant episode of Glee before Glee turned shitty): Pitch Perfect. 

The basic plot of Pitch Perfect is two dueling musical groups on a college campus (one all girls– the Bellas and one all boys– the Treblemakers). Enter Anna Kendrick, moody girl who of course is really pretty and fun at heart. She saves the Bellas and has an adorable romance along the way (pretty sure I “aw-ed” at some points) but the music really is incredible and super heart warming. AND the music is super great. I really, really recommend it. 

Alrighty lovelies, I have to go review my math packet for my test one more time tomorrow and then get  some much needed personal reading time in before I have an early night (sigh, nights with no homework, are beautiful).

Anyways, check back later this week so you can hear me tell you why NaNoWriMo is currently an EPIC fail. 

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